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with KEEPERsport ColdSkin
Winter is one the fiercest enemies of a goalkeeper. It is extremely difficult to stay mobile and focused in the freezing cold - regardless of whether you are an amateur or a professional. Your body heat retreats towards the inner parts of your body to protect the vital organs. The consequence of this is reduced feeling and grip in the arms and legs and thus loss of ball control. You can't perform like that. In addition, the risk of injury increases if the temperatures are below 5 ° C. Therefore, the right goalkeeper clothing is even more important in the winter months than for field players.

We've developed these for you to be successful

We are aware of the challenges you face in winter. We have a solution for you: the name of this perfect winter outfit is "COLDSKIN".

The KEEPERsport COLDSKIN underwear is an improvement to the ANNUALSKIN textile collection. Thanks to the perfect sinergy of thermal and functional textiles, COLDSKIN protects you from the cold. You can recognize the COLDSKIN collection by the blue features of the textile.

Get the underwear in different lengths and with or without 3D paddin:

KEEPERsport ColdSkin PowerPadded

KEEPERsport ColdSkin UnPadded

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Training pants for the winter

You are perfectly equipped in winter conditions with the COLDSKIN undergarments. However, you still need pants that are over the underpants. Choose from these recommended KEEPERsport pants: