We are there for every goalkeeper. Our philosophy is standing behind every KEEPER. We thrive on good customer service, love for goalkeeping in general and we are very passionate about our products. Our unique motto #KeepItAll sends everyone this message. Our decades of professional experience is one of our best advantage over others. We stand behind every product we sell. KEEPERsport represents a high-quality quality assurance of all products offered in our shops through a detailed prior inspection is as much a duty for us as a matter of honor among athletes. We are team players and each and every customer of ours is part of our team!


Keepersport was founded in 2000 by the Austrian ex-professional KEEPER and goalkeeping coach Georg Heu (Admira Wacker) as the successor to Flying KEEPER, which was also founded in 1999 by Georg Heu. The company is run by Georg Heu, CEO Martin Krenn (also former professional goalkeeper) and financial expert Franz Kalla (General Manager Vienna Capitals / Ice Hockey).

KEEPERsport started its online shop at the millennium. Targeted telephone marketing, competent advice and an unrivalled passion for goalkeeping led to rapid growth. Since 2008, in addition to the headquarters in Kottingbrunn, Austria, there has also been a sister company in Germany based in Augsburg-Bergheim, lead by managing director Martin Krenn and ex-professional keeper Christian Krieglmeier (FC Augsburg, SSV Reutlingen and SSV Ulm 1846) as the sales manager.

KEEPERsport's base of operation is called the KEEPERbase, situated in in Kottingbrunn, Lower Austria. It is a 1,250 square meter building, that features a completely new center for shipping logistics as well as new, large-scale office space for the perfect working atmosphere.

The Heart of Goalkeeping - the nickname of the KEEPERbase - even has its own grass football field and a 250 square meters goalkeeper shop. KEEPERsport now operates franchise companies and partner agencies in many European countries: Our goalkeeper specialists are represented in Greece, France, the Netherlands, Belgium, Poland, Italy, Switzerland, Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Croatia and Hungary. KEEPERsport quickly made a name for itself in the sector with its famous bundles from renowned suppliers (erima, PUMA, reusch or uhlsport). The goalkeeper gloves from renowned suppliers (KEEPERsport Editions), which are made especially for the company and are similar to the special models often used by professionals, are legendary alongside the numerous in-house productions. Our products and customer service are specially chosen to fit the needs of a modern goalkeeper.

KEEPERsport underwear has been a constant companion for many world-class goalkeepers for years. Numerous renowned professionals trust the training textiles made by KEEPERsport. In addition to our current partners, they also include the 4-time world goalkeeper Manuel Neuer.

The Varan goalkeeper gloves have evolved from excellent collaborations with many amateur and professional goalkeepers. From our many years of goalkeeping expertise, we of course also know that the needs of goalkeepers couldn't be more different. That is why all KEEPERsport goalkeeper glove models are designed for both professional and amateur users.

These are only some of the international pro goalkeepers who play with Varan6 gloves made by KEEPERsport:

    >> Lorenzo Montipo (Italy - Serie A)
    >> Heinz Lindner (Switzerland - Super League)
    >> Daniel Bachmann (England - Championship)
    >> Lennart Moser (Austria - 2nd Bundesliga)
    >> Samuel Sahin-Radlinger (Austria - 1st Bundesliga)
    >> Andreas Leitner (Austria - 1st Bundesliga)
    >> Christopher Knett (Greece - Super Legaue)
    >> Rene Swete (Austria - 1st Bundesliga)
    >> Martin Fraisl (Netherlands - Eredivisie)
    >> Daniele Sommariva (Italy - Serie B)
    >> Marius Gersbeck (Germany - 2nd Bundesliga)
    >> Tino Casali (Austria - 1st Bundesliga)
    >> Joannis Gelios (Germany - 2nd Bundesliga)
    >> Manuel Kuttin (Austria - 1st Bundesliga)
    >> Ivica Ivušić (Croatia - 1st HNL)
    >> Katja Schroffenegger (Italy - Women Serie-A)
    .... and many more.

1999: Founding of Flying KEEPER by Georg Heu, the establishment of a customer base in Austria

2000: First online shop

2001 to 2003: Targeted telephone marketing activities with operators. Well-known brands such as adidas, PUMA or NIKE picked up an interest in the company and became included in the program. Expansion to Europe through the proven and working model in Austria.

2003 to 2006: Opening of franchise partner companies in Italy, Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary

2006: New company location and new type of business: KEEPERsport GmbH (Heu, Krenn, Kalla)

2008: Launch of KEEPERsport Germany, the relaunch of the homepages

2009: Opening of KEEPERsport France (franchise company)

2010: KEEPERsport Slovenia opens, the English webshop goes online, KEEPERsport Marketing GmbH is founded (DVDs, goalkeeper trainer seminars, KEEPERbattles, other events), new website relaunch, the introduction of a new merchandise management program

2011: Launch of the KEEPERsport agency in the Netherlands and the new headquarters in Bolzano,Italy

2012: Launch of KEEPERsport Switzerland (franchise company), the launch of the popular KEEPERgallery internet section

2013: Launch of the goalkeeper training special KEEPERtraining and premiere of the "VARAN goalkeeper gloves" in several European top leagues

2014: Live # GloveSpot during the 2014 World Cup in Brazil- Launch of the groundbreaking personalization online shop tool Print-Extension and the Croatian website

2015: Launch of the #KeepItAll company slogan- Presentation of the new KEEPERsport textile collection- Premiere of the "VARAN3 goalkeeper gloves" in the UEFA Champions League- Relaunch including conversion to responsive web design- Launch of the mobile version of the webpage- Opening of KEEPERsport Belgium- Launch of KEEPERsport "VARAN4"

2016: Launch of "VARAN4 CountryEditions" and premiere in the national team Austria- Live #GloveSpot during the EURO 2016 in France- KEEPERsport Greece opening- KEEPERsport France connection to the central warehouse- First KEEPERbattle EuroTour in four nations with European finals in Berlin- Completion and opening of the KEEPERbase as Ks headquarters

2017: Launch "VARAN5" - on-pitch premiere of the "VARAN goalkeeper gloves" at a major official FIFA tournament (Confederation Cup in Russia / Stefan Marinovic - New Zealand)

2018: Launch of "KEEPERcast". Our CEO and co-founder Martin Krenn has been interviewing professional goalkeepers (e.g. Kevin Trapp, Ralf Fährmann, ...), goalkeeping coaches (e.g. Patrick Foletti, Helge Payer, ...) or product designers of a goalkeeper manufacturer (e.g. Andreas Geser uhlsport). The episodes are published weekly on Soundcloud and Itunes.