Find the best glove model for you

There are countless goalkeeper glove models worldwide. They differ in materials, design and above all of these: prices.

It isn't easy keeping track of so many models. Let us guide you to a Varan model that perfectly suits you.

  • Varan7 Hero

    The Varan7 Hero gloves are the go-to choice of many pro goalkeepers who prefer lightweight and flexible gloves with an extremely good grip. The modern knitted body material adapts individually to each hand. Don't take our word for it, try a Hero, become a Hero now:

    Best grip in all weather conditions. This high-quality pro foam guarnatees that. The 4 mm Super Glue features additionally incorporated grip elements on the palm to give you the perfect balance between grip and durability. You will immediately fall in love with this glove - guaranteed!

    More technical details:
    >> The 4mm Super Glue is a high-quality professional foam with additional integrated grip elements. The best grip in all weather conditions is guaranteed! It has the right balance between grip and durability.
    >> Super tight negative cut with integrated soft latex gussets grants you an optimal fit.
    >> The super flexible knitted material makes this goalkeeper glove light and dynamic.
    >> New 3D silicone elements offer full control when punching.
    >> Unique entry system featuring the innovative 3cm Elastic Entry System. The Latex Entry Help also provides support when slipping in.
    >> Personalisable elastic strap

  • Varan7 Champ

    The Varan7 Champ NC models are the most comfortable goalkeeper gloves ever. You will get goosebumps as you fall in love with the best goalkeeper glove we ever produced!
    You need the best grip! In addition, this glove offers incredible feeling. Three available grips to choose from (NC, GC, hybrid)
    This bang for the buck Champion - pun intended - has awesome grip and comes with little to no compromise compared to our Hero models.

    More technical details:
    >> 4mm palm foams (Super Glue, Supreme Claw, Super White Claw oder Aqua Claw)
    >> Negative cut
    >> Latex strap
    >> Soft Tech Body Material
    >> Ergonomically adapted 3D silicone elements on the punching zone
    >> Elastic bandage
    >> Latex Thumb Wrap

  • Varan7 Pro

    The Varan7 Pro goalkeeper gloves by KEEPERsport are the most comfortable gloves thanks to their very tight negative cut. The Varan7 goalkeeper gloves are real game-changers! Each and every glove model from this collection belong to the lightest and most comfortable gloves on the market. Goalkeepers need the best stability on the wrist. These gloves now feature the newest innovation from our R&D team: the neoprene strap. It grants you optimal hold in every situation.

    Technical details:
    >> 4mm White / Black / Aqua Claw
    >> cuts: negetive cut, gunn cut (rolled finger) or Power cut (hybrid cut)
    >> embossed latex PunchingZone
    >> Soft Tech Body material
    >> Latex thumb wrap
    >> elastic bandage
    >> Latex strap

  • Varan7 Premier

    The Varan7 Premier NC goalkeeper gloves by KEEPERsport are the ideal trainig gloves. The robust adhesive foam and all the other features contribute to this perfect training glove. Great value!
    Goalkeepers, especially children, need wrist stability. The extra-wide and strong neoprene strap serves its purpose like no other closing system. The Varan7 goalkeeper gloves are real game changers!

    Technical details:
    >> negative cut with soft textile gussets
    >> 4mm Supersoft
    >> embossed latex PunchingZone
    >> elastic bandage
    >> Latex strap
    >> Latex thumb wrap

  • Varan7 Challenge

    The Varan7 Challenge NC goalkeeper glove is the perfect glove for your goalkeeper training. Especially in training you need a higher number of goalkeeper gloves. Entry-level gloves are important! The brand new Varan7 Challenge NC is now available for the first time! We matched high quality with an affordable price! This glove is indispensable, especially for training sessions! You burn through gloves during training fast. Use a glove with a durable 3mm Claw latex palm foam and a light glove body.

    The white adhesive foam is even more abrasion-resistant and therefore lasts longer. Great choice for children and beginners, however,  even professional goalkeepers train with these.

    Technical details:
    The 3mm Claw is an extremely durable and abrasion-resistant adhesive foam.
    Tight negative cut with integrated soft gussets made of flexible textile grant you a perfect fit.
    Individual entry is guaranteed at all times thanks to the innovative 3cm Elastic Entry System.
    Extra-wide neoprene strap for optimal support and maximum stability in the wrist area. Put your name on it!
    Incredible feeling! Soft Soft-Tech-Body (STB) makes these goalkeeper gloves super comfortable.

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