Goalkeeper clothing: underwear for goalkeepers

Goalkeepers needs the right equipment, there is no way around it. That's why KEEPERsport underwear has been a loyal training companion for many professionals for years. Check out our blog where we get you take a look at what KEEPERsport Underwear is about. Underwear for goalkeepers and field players has its similarities, but it has its differences too. Goalkeeper dive and leap all the time, they need protection and damping. The protective effect of your padding is the essence of goalkeeper underwear.



Choose your padding


Prefer underwear without padding?
UnPadded collections are not only an absolute must-have for goalkeepers in training, they are also often used for "off-pitch activities". Train like professional goalkeepers. The "KeepItAll" waistband, these pants also offer an optimal fit and an outstanding wearing comfort.


Protection: Basicpadded
The BasicPadded protection is ideal for both young and old. It is recommended for all goalkeepers that seek light protection on the elbows, but still want unrestricted movement and pleasant comfort. The high-quality and durable "ANNUALskin fabric" keeps you comfortable in all weather conditions.


Protection of the highest order!
Powerpadded collection is our top goalkeeper underwear equipment. The anatomically placed paddings are made of the highest quality foam and offer you the highest protection. This is what PowerPadded means, the highest available protection. The proven "ANNUALskin" makes you comfortable in any situation that seems to be difficult and has an outstanding performance in all weather conditions.





Pick your functional underwear

  • KEEPERsport Undershirts

    Choose KEEPERsport Undershirts during training and games. The tight-fitting "ANNUALskin" fabric guarantees a comfortable fit and is also extremely breathable. The undershirts grant you proper elbow protection. Our undershirts are also available in ColdSkin version so you will never feel cold again during fall and winter. Pick your paddings: Powerpadded, Basicpadded and Unpadded.


  • KEEPERsport Underpants

    The KEEPERsport Underpants are perfectly tailored to the requirements of goalkeeping. They grant you optimal protection against any impact and unrestricted freedom of movement. The long pants protect you at the ankles, hips and knees. Our ColdSkin variant keeps you nice and warm even in the cold months! Choose between the different paddings: Powerpadded, Basicpadded and Unpadded. Choose between long and 3/4 lenghts. Get some shorts and socks and off you go to training.


  • KEEPERsport Undershorts

    The KEEPERsport Undershorts are your best friends during summer. They offer optimal protection at the hips. The shorts are also breathable and guarantee unrestricted freedom of movement. Our ColdSkin version keeps you warm in the cold season! Choose between the different paddings: Powerpadded, Basicpadded and Unpadded. You can also wear the underpants with long pants too.




Pro goalkeepers trust KEEPERsport underwear!

Professional goalkeepers know how best to protect their bodies from unwanted injuries!
Numerous well-known professionals have put their trust in KEEPERsport underwear for many years. Through years of cooperation between pro keepers and us, our underwear has become perfectly tailored to the needs of modern goalkeepers. Our underwear is equipped with a number of features that guarantee unrestricted freedom of movement, no slipping and durability. Try for yourself!



Most popular underwear

The KEEPERsport Underpants 3/4 with our strongest protection - PowerPadded is our top seller! Optimal underpants for all seasons and all weather conditions. Get some shorts and socks and off you go to training.

These padded underpants are also available for children!

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