Latex Backhand

Experience the ultimate in a snug, secure fit with the KEEPERsport Varan8 Pro NC's Duo Latex Backhand. This innovative two-piece design ensures an exceptionally compact feel while maintaining maximum freedom of movement. Every goalkeeper needs to experience this level of control!

Wrist Strap

For goalkeepers who demand unwavering wrist support, the Pro NC's Full Latex Strap is the perfect solution. This design delivers outstanding stability and a compact fit, keeping you locked in and ready to make game-changing saves.

4mm Performance Claw

The 4mm Performance Claw latex features prominent graphite particles, providing exceptional grip in all weather conditions. This material boasts the perfect balance between grip and abrasion resistance, making it a true all-rounder for competitive matches.

Pull Loop

The Pull Loop located at the glove's entryway allows for effortless and rapid on-and-off action. No more struggling with your gloves during those pre-game or in-game moments when every second counts.