Gunn Cut (Rollfinger)

As the name suggests, the Rollfinger Cut features foam that rolls around the fingers, providing a "round grip feel" and excellent cushioning against powerful shots. Additionally, the KEEPERsport Varan8 Pro GC is designed with fingertips for enhanced control.

4mm White Claw

The 4mm White Claw is a highly abrasion-resistant foam, especially in dry conditions. Reviews from our community indicate that the 4mm White Claw also delivers exceptional grip in damp and wet conditions.

Latex Backhand

The Duo Latex Backhand of the KEEPERsport Varan8 Pro GC provides an exceptionally snug fit. Thanks to the two-piece latex design, your freedom of movement remains fully intact. This is an experience that every goalkeeper should have!

Latex Strap

For goalkeepers who value strong wrist support, the full latex strap of the KEEPERsport Varan8 Pro GC is perfect. It offers you outstanding stability and firmness.

In summary, the KEEPERsport Varan8 Pro GC is a glove that offers the perfect combination of grip, comfort, and support. It is ideal for goalkeepers who demand the best from their gloves.