Strapless Design

Ditch the restrictive straps of the past; the Varan8 Hero NC is crafted from a seamless knitted upper that molds to your hand like a second skin, providing unparalleled fit and flexibility without compromising wrist support.

4mm Super Glue

Experience the next generation of adhesive foam excellence with the 4mm Super Glue, featuring enhanced, raised grip elements that amplify your control in any condition. Rain or shine, this superior latex will keep you firmly in command.

Anti Abrasion Zone

Introducing the Anti-Abrasion Zone, a protective barrier that safeguards your glove from premature wear and tear during those crucial dives and saves. Extend the life of your Varan8 Hero NC and focus on what matters most – stopping the ball.

Punching Zone

The Punching Zone has undergone a complete structural overhaul, featuring optimized silicone elements that empower you to unleash thunderous punches with precision, power, and unwavering grip.