Power Cut (Hybrid)

Experience a dramatically enlarged catching surface thanks to the reduced layers on the finger sides. This snug-fitting cut grants you an incredible feel for the ball, allowing you to make game-changing saves with confidence.


Embrace the unparalleled comfort and flexibility of the KEEPERsport Varan8 Champ NC's Soft-Body Material. Crafted from the exceptionally fine and lightweight material, this glove molds to your hand like a second skin, providing an unparalleled feel that will elevate your goalkeeping experience.

4mm Super White Claw

The 4mm Super White Claw is a unique particle mix delivers exceptional softness, resulting in unparalleled grip and control. Despite its softness, this premium foam boasts impressive durability, backed by numerous positive reviews from both professional and amateur goalkeepers.

Elastic Strap

Experience the perfect fit and eliminate the need for constant adjustments with the Elastic Strap. Composed of two latex pieces connected by an ultra-elastic insert, this innovative design provides exceptional comfort and secure wrist support.