Ultimate Grip

Our 4mm Super Glue is the pinnacle of grip, ensuring you have the strongest grip possible. The integrated grip elements on the palm strike the perfect balance between adhesion and durability.

Lightweight and Comfortable

The lightweight Soft-Tech-Body material molds comfortably to your hand, providing an impeccable fit. With added silicone elements in the Punching Zone, you'll have complete control.

Tight Ball Contact

The Varan6 Champ comes in the popular negative cut design. The cut delivers an incredibly tight connection to the ball, conforming flawlessly to your hand's shape, without any annoying slipping.

Unwavering Stability

Our specially designed latex strap offers optimal support for your wrists, ensuring you have the necessary stability and protection, especially against powerful shots. This innovative strap helps prevent wrist injuries, allowing you to focus entirely on your game.