Your equipment guide for rainy weather

Every goalkeeper knows that if it rains before a crucial match, the field will be wet, making their job much harder. A moment of shame seems unavoidable: a shot that should have been easy to save slips through their fingers and into the net. It's a challenge that every goalkeeper faces, whether amateur or at the level of top professionals like Manuel Neuer or Thibaut Courtois.

In this post, we reveal to you the three most important factors to minimize the risk of slippery fingers and protect your goal with confidence even in the most challenging weather conditions.

Goalkeeper gloves - your secret weapon against the rain!

Goalkeepers are known for our attention to detail, often crucial in determining the direction a game takes. But not all goalkeeper gloves are created equal. And especially in difficult weather conditions, it's our attention to detail that can tilt a match in our favor. Below, we offer you ideal solutions on how to guarantee a perfect grip even in extremely wet conditions with specialized goalkeeper gloves!


The right equipment is the key to success in both cold and warm temperatures. Rainy conditions require special clothing. Get water-repellent and well-insulated pieces of clothing. You can find specifically designed goalkeeper clothing that offers protection against the cold and rain without compromising your mobility and flexibility. Choose the special RegSkin collection and effectively combat wet weather. With KEEPERsport RegSkin material on the outer surfaces of the abdomen and back region, you'll stay dry even in the most adverse conditions. Discover the entire collection now!


The same goes for your feet! No slipping allowed!

For us goalkeepers, choosing the right football boots, especially the appropriate sole type, plays a crucial role. If you lose your balance or slip and fall just before an opponent's shot, preventing a goal becomes almost impossible. Therefore, especially on wet and muddy pitches, opt for shoes with Soft Ground (SG) soles. The screw-in studs of these football boots ensure optimal grip even on wet and soft ground, effectively preventing the risk of slipping or falling. Use SG to stand your ground!

BONUS TIP - From goalkeeper to goalkeeper!

In addition to the tips mentioned above, we also recommend using additional products in wet weather that can further improve grip. Grip enhancers, Aqua Glue & Co. can make all the difference in the match and prove to be true game-changers!