GRPS Type X Studs

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Innovation and high quality is represented by GRPStar, who developed and invented a completely new solution for studs. The type X studs are used for all shoes except adidas (see Type Y) and impress because of their individual composition and flexibility.

Traction is very important for every KEEPER - this was improved and perfected through the optimized geometry of the cleats. Because of the simple change of height (15mm/13mm/11mm), they are very flexibel to use for every weather conditions.

The comfort of the shoe was improved as well, due to the composition of the studs and the resulting decrease of the pressure on the sole of your foot. Thanks tot he high quality combination of aluminium and steel, the GRPStar studs are durable and will help you to improve your performances.


- 12x bolt head (5mm)
- 12x bolt head (3mm)
- 4x body height (10mm)
- 8x body height (8mm)
- 1x hex-wrench

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