KEEPERsport Elbow Guard PowerPadded Hero

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The #PrimePack is the best solution for successful and determined athletes. Those who work hard need the best possible equipment. We have used for the Elbow Guard PowerPadded Hero lighter, more efficient and better materials than ever before.

Gold is the colour of winners. If you are this type of keeper, you must train harder and longer than the rest. Especially with the PowerPadded Hero paddings you are perfectly prepared for hard goalkeeper trainings.

PowerPadded Hero Paddings
For the very first time the paddings are glued to the “ANNUALskin”. This makes the KEEPERsport PowerPadded Hero articles even more comfortable than any other paddings before.  In addition, the "Lacer Cuts” ensure excellent air circulation under the underwear.

Muscle-Mapping Technologie
MuscleMapping is s a elastic-style material that lines the inside of the compression fabric to provide an extra targeted area of compression. A targeted compression at defined muscle zones is possible, due to the perfectly formed structure. In addition to the normal compression effect, muscle vibrations and damage will be reduced. This leeds to faster regeneration times and noticeable increases your Training Performance.

- "Lacer Cuts"
- "ANNUALskin"
- glued paddings without seams
- "Muscle-Mapping" on the biceps

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