KEEPERsport Varan6 5FS Replique Pack

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KEEPERsport Varan6 Premier NC 5FS Repl.
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This is the perfect goalkeeper glove set for beginners who need optimal finger protection during training. With the light and flexible, yet stability-giving finger support system, you are optimally prepared for your first training sessions.

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To pull through some of the most stressful situations, goalkeepers need to work together with their team. We have used only the best materials and technology in our new Varan6 Premier NC 5FS Replique so you can focus on your game. Even when the lawn is on fire.

There are four different goalkeeper gloves and matching textiles for all price ranges, completing the V6Inferno Pack!

"Negative Cut" with tight-fitting Textil-Soft-Gussets and slightly pre-formed fingers in the catching position ensures optimized wearing as well as excellent grip and close contact with the ball 

"3mm Supersoft" - surprisingly high quality foam, which "stands its ground" even in adverse weather conditions. A further advantage is the extraordinary resilience which guarantees an amazing longevity 

Light and flexible, yet stable finger support system designed according to the anatomy of the sensitive joints and tendons on the most sensitive parts of any goalkeeper's body. Fixed to all five fingers including the thumb 

Stamped, segmented and laminated TPU (slightly grippy) is extremely durable and guarantees grip and cushioning 

Glove Body: 
Very comfortable to wear, breathable mesh material, produced from a very high quality fibre blend 

The half bandage made of high-quality textile with all-round, infinitely adjustable Velcro closure made of printed, flexible latex -provides protection and safety at the wrist; its innovative, seamless transition to the backhand ensures a perfect fit of the glove

Personalisation available!

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