Glove Creator - going live on the 29th of April

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The all-star negative cut is your favourite too? Or do you prefer a regular cut? Choose the ideal cut to match your style.

FAQ - Frequently asked questions

How long does it take for my gloves to reach me?

Delivery only takes a couple of days. The production of your unique professional special model is on a tight schedule. After placing your order, the goalkeeping experts at KEEPERsport will check your configuration and forward it to the production team. After a handcrafted production, each special model undergoes a strict quality check before it is dispatched. Your custom-made product will be delivered to your desired address in approx. 7-8 weeks.

You can find more information about delivery here.

What else can I personalise?

Making a unique design has never been easier. Your professional special model can also be personalised in the Glove Creator. You can add your name during the final part of the design process. Image uploads are excluded.

Find out more about professional SMU personalisation here.

Why aren't there other glove cuts?

A thorough research process preceeded the release of the Glove Creator. We asked YOUR feedback and acted accordingly. After several tests of our goalkeeper gloves, we decided not to include some cut variants (hybrid and roll finger).

Find out more about our goalkeeper glove cuts here.

Can I add a KEEPERsport finger support system?

There is no finger support system options available for the KEEPERsport MyVaran6. The finger support elements are not suitable for this glove model.

Can I make any changes after I have placed my order?

After placing your order, you may not request any changes made to your gloves, so double check the design before placing the order.

Can I return my custom-made product?

The KEEPERsport MyVaran6 gloves are handcrafter with a lot of goalkeeping passion and is a professional special model that is produced only for you. Custom-made products, as well as personalised products are excluded from our returns policy.

Questions about goalkeeping products or goalkeeping in general?

We are happy to help you, simply contact us via phone, email, live chat on the website or via our Instagram/Facebook channels.

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