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Keep everything under your control with the right goalkeeper gloves.

Air duels - double actions - coaching front people. In heated matches there are some stressful situations that the goalkeeper has to solve with his team together. We have only used the best materials and technologies for our new V6Inferno goalkeeper glove models so that you can concentrate fully on your game.

V6Inferno Underwear 3/4

Underwear for goalkeepers

The functional underwear from KEEPERsport has always been a pioneer in the world of sports underwear for amateur and professional goalkeepers. The improved cut variants ensure a snug & comfortable fit, regardless of what weather you are playing in. The 3/4 underpants and undershirts have a completely new modern design that perfectly match the goalkeeper gloves of the V6Inferno collection.

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The 3/4 underwear collection now features brand new technical features that were meant to ease the life of a goalkeeper as well as increase their performance.

>> PowerPadded Elbow protection
PowerPadded represents our highest level of protection that we can offer. It not only protects you but does not limit your movement. The protection zone is made of flexible material.

>> ANNUALskin
The extremely flexible und lightweight ANNUALskin material grants you the optimal wearing comfort. It fits snug and comfortable, no matter what weather condition you play or train in.

>> Stretching zone
Each and every one of our goalkeeper pants must undergo a strict stress test. Why? Speaking from experience, training pants for goalkeepers like to tear between the legs. Not ours! We have added specially designed stretching zones.

>> Optimal Length
Do you know those training pants from the 2000s that end under your heels?
Let forget them! We have adjusted the length to meet the needs and requirements of a goalkeeper.
No tripping during a coordination exercise. No getting stuck in the lawn. Perfect lenght. That's it.

Get your own 3/4-Underwear: 

V6Inferno Varan6 goalkeeper gloves

We present you the Varan6 goalkeeper gloves from the brand new #V6Inferno collection, developed with passion! Thanks to excellent cooperation with many amateur and professional goalkeepers and thanks to our 20 years of experience in the entire goalkeeping world, we have packed all the important features into the new glove models.

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Varan6 Pro GC

Awesome damping properties thanks to the popular Gunn Cut. Professional adhesive foam for all weather conditions. Sewn latex thumb wrap. Flexible, yet stabilizing glove body.

The Varan6 Pro NC goalkeeper gloves have an impressive price-performance ratio. Therefore, they are the most wanted goalkeeper gloves of our professional keepers.
Get your top model now:

Varan6 Premier NC

Tight-fitting negative cut with flexible textile soft gussets. High quality adhesive foam with good durability. Very flexible STB glove body.

The Varan6 Premier goalkeeper gloves are the loyal partners for your goalkeeper training. Young talents helped develop this model. Training gloves with great grip? Get them now!

Varan6 Premier NC 5FS

Light and flexible, yet supportive finger support. Tight-fitting negative cut with flexible textile soft gussets. High quality adhesive foam with good durability. Very flexible STB glove body.

These goalkeeper gloves are for all goalkeepers who are extremely prone to injury in the hand area. As the name suggests, the finger support system is perfect for preventive protection against injuries.
Get the ultimate protection:

Varan6 Premier NC 5FS Replique

Light and flexible, yet stability-giving finger support system. Tight-fitting interior seam cut with flexible textile soft gussets. High quality adhesive foam with a good lifespan. Very flexible STB glove body.

The perfect goalkeeper gloves for beginners and children. The finger support system is responsible for the security. It was anatomically developed to protect the sensitive joints and tendons. Of course, these gloves are also suitable for everyone who is looking for an inexpensive training model with good durability.
Start your goalkeeping career now:

Complete your match outfit

Gear up! The GkSix textiles in red will scare away anyone that dares go near you!

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Varan6 Invincible goalkeeper gloves

Winter is one of goalkeeper's greatest enemies. The cold makes it harder to concentrate and makes reaction times and movement speed slower too. You need the right goalkeeper outfit for such conditions. Goalkeepers typically move less than field players, you need to take this into account when choosing an outfit. The new COLDSKIN undershirts and underpants have tightly woven thermal inner coating and will keep you warm even at low temperatures. Like our ANNUALSKIN models, the textiles are available with different paddings.

KEEPERsport ColdSkin