Top 10 goalkeeper gloves in 2022

You must have asked yourself the question: which goalkeeper gloves are the best sellers? There are countless glove models with countless cuts and designs. Ours is arguably the largers selection of goalkeeper gloves, let us show you what the statistics say! Coming up: the top 10 gloves of 2022

10) KEEPERsport Challenge

Let us kick off this list with the number 10. The KEEPERsport Challenge takes our 10th place among the best-selling goalkeeper gloves. The durable and abrasion-resistant 3mm palm foam makes these gloves excellent for training. Ideal pick for beginners and children. Their robustness and comfortable fit will make you fall in love with them.

9) uhlsport Supergrip+

The German company, uhlsport is a real vetaran at making goalkeeper gloves. The uhlsport Supergrip+ takes 9th place on our list. Its strong grip and added grip elements make it stand out from the crowd. There are lots of designs to choose from, such as the classic Hyperact version in blue, white and black, there is also the Hyperpink version of the uhlsport Supergrip+. In addition to the different color schemes, the uhlsport Supergrip+ is also available in the "Reflex", "Finger Surround" and "NC" variants.

8) PUMA Ultra

Moving on to number 8, the PUMA Ultra. The 8th best selling glove of this year is the lightest glove model on the market. This is reason enough to be on this list.  In addition, the PUMA Ultra, which is available in the hybrid and regular cut offers extreme grip, breathability, flexibility and high comfort.

7) rehab Extreme CG3

rehab goalkeeping is becoming quite an established brand. The features of the rehab Extreme CG3 gloves have granted this young brand the 7th place. rehab is dedicated to goalkeepers. What other proof do you need other than the rehab Extreme CG3 having more than 30 designs to please every goalkeeper around the world? rehab has designed and manufactured 13 unique special models for 13 european countries, with their coat of arms as the main design element. Their heatmap and machine silos belong to the most popular collection to date. These gloves excel at their simplicity. No fuss, no unnecessary features: excellent grip and great bang for the buck

6) NIKE Vapor Grip 3

Coming up: number 6. There is no list without the Swoosh. The Vapor Grip 3 from NIKE has a number of color combinations, there is one for everyone.  This model lives up to its name by featuring a larger ball contact area, good durability and unique Grip-3 cut.

5) PUMA Future

PUMA Future gloves are best described as flexible and lightweight gloves. Their unique fit, grip and secure hold have earned them the 5th place on this list. PUMA Future is currently available in three different color designs, each of which is available with a negative and a hybrid cut. One being the Faster Football series in blue and white with red and black details. There is also the Under The Lights series, which was designed in the colors turquoise, black and white. The latest and most eye-catching model of the PUMA Future is the PUMA Future Z One Grip 1 in a color combination of orange, green and black with white details.

4) uhlsport Absolutgrip

The 4th place - almost made it to the podium - belongs to none other than the uhlsport Absolutgrip. uhlsport was pretty straightforward with naming these gloves. Patented absolute grip - as the name suggests - is a force not to be reckoned with. All weather- grip, several designs and latex palm foams. You will also find finger surround protection models.

3) reusch Attrakt

Reusch Attrakt gloves take the podium. The third best selling glove model is comfortable, breathable and light. Optimal grip is guaranteed. Many cust and colours to choose from are a must have.

2) KEEPERsport Varan7 Champ

The second place belongs to the KEEPERsport Champ gloves. These gloves are the most popular and best-selling of all KEEPERsport goalkeeper gloves, which is certainly due to its goosebumpy-good comfort, low weight and amazing grip. The KEEPERsport Champ is available in Whiteout, Gamechanger and Aqua designs. Aqua models are designed for wet conditions. The Gamechanger version is also available in hybrid, roll finger and negative cuts.

1) adidas Predator

No surprises here. The number 1 in our best-selling goalkeeper glove list is none other than the adidas Predator. But what makes this glove model so popular? The adidas Predator is not only super comfortable, elastic and light, but also offers you optimal ball control, excellent grip and optimal protection. These features make these gloves perfect for many. There are multiple versions, several cuts and designs. The Saphire Edge series in blue, red and white is very popular. Finger protection models are also available. For those who prefer extravagant goalkeeper gloves, the adidas Predator is also available in the pink, blue and white Champions Code version.