Get the ultimate grip

You know it too: you buy expensive football boots that promise the best grip on any surface, and yet you feel like you are on ice? Not only field players know this feeling.

As a goalkeeper, great grip is not enough! You need all the grip you can get, in every situation! Changing direction as quickly as goalkeepers do is only possible with special socks. That is why many professional keepers trust these socks from various brands such as TAPEDESIGN, TruSox or PDX

TruSox - incomparable grip

The principle behind the grip socks from TruSox is to increase the grip within the boots as much as possible. They use a special anti-slip technology: pads on the inside and outside. These pads are also used in other sports such as rugby, baseball or skiing. The outer pads adhere to the shoes, the pads on the inside of the TruSox sit on the foot itself. This enables you to become one with your shoes!

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TAPEDESIGN – The first choice of the football elite

TAPEDESIGN has mastere the ONE-size grip socks. These socks adapt ergonomically to any foot thanks to the elastic material. The pressure exerted by your body weight on your soccer shoes is evenly distributed over the sliding surfaces. The special rubber knobs on the outside allow excellent stability and offer the best grip.

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PDX – The multifunctional grip socks

The special "anti-slip technology" gives you a clear advantage over your opponent when unexpected changes of direction and sudden acceleration happens. The PDX Grip socks are not only a popular piece of equipment in football, but many professional athletes also use these functional socks in winter sports or in "off-pitch activities". We have every size in stock!

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