REVIEW - Der neue NIKE Flight Ball

... from the goalkeeper's perspective!
The new flight ball came in like a bomb! NIKE has promised us a 30% more precise trajectory - compared to the NIKE Merlin Ball. Since a predictable trajectory of football is a huge advantage for us goalkeepers, we tested the new ball with a professional goalkeeper, two amateur keepers, a goalkeeper coach and a field player.
Read on for the results of goalkeeping training in the KEEPERbase.

Technical details

Nike Flight, a game-changing football, addresses issues of inconsistent aerodynamics through a revolutionary ball design. Incorporating Nike’s new AerowSculpt technology, the ball delivers a measurable benefit of 30 percent truer flight than its Nike predecessor. A whopping eight years  - approx. 1700 hours - of development can't be taken lightly.

To reduce wobble and create more predictable and consistent flight, the Nike Equipment Innovation Lab engineered a solution that promotes air movement around the ball rather than gripping its surface. The performance-based design introduces Nike AerowSculpt, a new proprietary aerodynamic technology. 

An additional design element comes in the repurposing of Nike All Conditions Control (ACC) 3D ink. Introduced in 2014, ACC helps ensure optimal grip in wet or dry conditions. The Nike Flight ball uses the 3D ink layout to strategically print “micro flaps” along Nike AerowSculpt, dragging off of aerospace principles and further optimizing aerodynamic stability.

Feedback of a pro

Andreas Leitner, an Austrian professional goalkeeper at FC Flyeralarm Admira, was thrilled. After a 90-minute test session with field players, goalkeeping coaches and amateur goalkeepers, he concluded

"The grooves* on the surface of the ball make handling of the ball even better because I have more control over it. It will definitely be more pleasant for all goalkeepers."
* Note: Aerowsculpt technology

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