reusch ATTRAKT

What does it take to be the unbeatable, "The One"? Power? Precision? Agility? Grip?

Dominate the game just like top-keepers like Lloris, Szczesny, Handanovic and Meret. The quality of these gloves will help you to dominate the ball, the opponent and the game itself too! reusch starts 2020 with innovative goalkeeper gloves.

The gloves have been completely redesigned in close collaboration with World Champion Hugo Lloris and Juventus Star Wojciech Szczesny. Their feedback has laid the foundation for the most advanced goalkeeper glove collection in history of reusch.

There are a total of seven different goalkeeper glove models in the ATTRAKT collection. They have different cuts and differ from each other in countless details and technologies. Each ATTRAKT model is unique and professional in order to make you unbeatable on the pitch.

Follow the example of 220 reusch-keepers, who belong to the top leagues in the world. Choose your model and become unbeatable, BE THE ONE.

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