Goalkeepers have to stand out. ;-)

We have come up with something special for you. A team of ex-pro goalkeepers, product experts, active goalkeepers and fashion experts is now picking the Outfit of the Week. Design, combination, availability and price are carefully examined for categories like goalkeepers, lifestyle, running and fan shop categories.

The outfit of the week

by Anthony Krumhorn, the legendary French coach. The country manager of France resembles Didier Deschamps in terms of appearance and coaching qualities, but has a much better taste for fashion on the football field. This week's highlight is his outfit of choice.

Anthony put the coaches and the cold in the spotlight. To fight the cold, goalkeeper coaches will look even better while staying warm. The blackout look is perfect for every coach, regardless of age. Slip into the classic adidas Copa Mundial FG, put on the warm adidas Essential Down Parka winter jacket and you are good to go.

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