The dawn of a new era!

We proudly present: Varan8 Raw Impact

Nearly 3 years have gone by since the release of the Varan7 series and an impressive 16 years since the inception of the first Varan collection, the brand-new Varan8 models herald a revolution! Limitless love for the goalkeeper's game, technological standards at their peak, and a commitment to fair pricing await you with the first three models of the Varan8 goalkeeper gloves: Varan8 Hero NC, Champ NC and Pro NC from the Raw Impact collection!



    The Varan8 Hero NC - A completely redesigned goalkeeper glove that differs in almost every aspect from the previously known Hero models. The goal was clear: it must be a glove at absolute top level, featuring the most modern and technologically advanced pieces!

    • Strapless:  For the first time, a Varan8 model will be released without a strap. Thanks to the knitted material on the backhand, the glove fits perfectly to your hand without losing stability in the wrist.
    • 4mm Super White Claw:  This palm is the superlative of all palm foams. When it comes to grip, there is no better adhesive foam!
    • Anti Abrasion Zone:  the newly implemented Anti Abrasion Zone on the palm protects your goalkeeper glove from unnecessary abrasion.
    • Punching Zone:  The structure and construction of the silicone elements in the Punching Zone have been redesigned. The silicone elements of the new Varan8 Hero NC have been adapted once again to guarantee an even more precise, powerful, and non-slip punching!


    The Champ NC proves to be THE glove for the typical KEEPERsport goalkeeper. It combines modern technologies with traditional preferences of the community. As an all-rounder, it is equally popular among our professionals as well as amateur and hobby goalkeepers.

    • Soft-tech-body:  The backhand is presented in the extremely fine and lightweight Mechano Material, to make the goalkeeper glove as comfortable and flexible as possible. You won't be able to get enough of this feeling!
    • 4mm Supreme Claw:  Be it scorching heat or a pouring rain or even below zero temperature - the 4mm Supreme Claw guarantees you an incredible grip and extremely good durability in all weather conditions.
    • Anti Abrasion Zone:  Similar to the Hero NC, the Anti Abrasion Zone in the Champ NC prevents rapid and unnecessary abrasion of the palm. At the same time, the grip remains constant even with the Anti Abrasion Zone!
    • Elastic strap:  The strap, consisting of two latex parts connected by an extremely elastic intermediate piece, allows for a perfect fit and makes constant readjustment of the strap unnecessary.
  • The Varan8 Pro NC


    The Varan8 Pro NC has became a must-have for all fans of classic goalkeeper gloves. Inspired by the technical preferences of goalkeeper legends like Gigi Buffon, the Pro NC offers everything that makes the nostalgic goalkeeper's heart beat faster!

    • Latex backhand:  The Pro NC, featuring our Duo Latex Backhand, grants you an extremely compact fit. The two-part latex backhand ensures maximum freedom of movement. A feeling that every goalkeeper must experience!
    • Strap:  If you love the feeling of strong & secure wrist support, the full latex strap of the Pro NC is perfect for you. We guarantee outstanding stability and compactness!
    • 4mm Performance Claw:  Small, visible graphite particles in the adhesive foam of the 4mm Performance Claw result in outstanding grip in every weather. A palm that is popular among both young and older goalkeepers.
    • Pull Loop:  The practical pull loop at the cuff of the glove allows you to put them on effortlessly without any hassle during stressful situations before or during your time on the football field.