As a football goalkeeper, you often get the stamp as "not normal" pressed on the forehead ;-) Therefore, it is quite legitimate to perform our own very special competition. On Saturday, 15th June 2019, the qualification tournament of the keeperBATTLE EuroTour 2019 will take place in Slovenia, more precisely in Koper - powered by KEEPERsport. As in previous years in Croatia, this keeperBATTLE is held on the beach next to the sea. The unpredictable sand as a "playground" gives this tournament as always a very special atmosphere.

Registration fee is € 40.00. Each participant has guaranteed at least 3 battle fights in the drawn battle groups and will receive an KEEPERsport Match Set (see photo below - picture is shown in black and white, because the products are not yet on the market) as official tournament apparel. That's not all! In addition, you can also get a discount on the purchase of the KEEPERsport Varan6 NC Supersoft gloves (see registration form).

Eligible are all goalie enthusiastic women and men from the age of 16 years. Younger participants need a consent from a guardian.

1st place: 12 pairs KEEPERsport Varan Gloves & *ticket for the EuroTour Final 2019
2nd place: 5 pairs KEEPERsport Varan Gloves & *ticket for the EuroTour Final 2019
3rd place: 3 pairs KEEPERsport Varan Gloves & *ticket for the EuroTour Final 2019
4th place: *ticket for the EuroTour Final 2019

*Attention: At the keeperBATTLE in Koper, participants from all nations can play and win the prizes, but only the top four Slovenian or Croatian participants qualify for the EuroTour finals.


As mentioned, four competitors from Koper will qualify for the grand finals, which will be held on the 15th August 2019 at our headquarters in Kottingbrunn, Austria.


1st place: € 3.000.- (€ 1.500.- in cash and € 1.500.- voucher)

2nd place: € 1.500.- (€ 750.- in cash and € 750.- voucher)

3rd place: € 500.- (€ 250.- in cash and € 250.- voucher)

This is a totally entertaining and original tournament for football goalkeepers. Matches are played between two competitors on 2-goal courts, the level of football skills is not important. A professional or amateur, everyone can beat everyone. This is only possible at the keeperBATTLE.