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Exclusive goalkeeper gloves made in Europe - designed directly in the <3 of goalkeeping.

The KEEPERsport glove models are developed in cooperation with over 100 amateur and professional goalkeepers worldwide. Our own product development is based in Austria and the best professional materials join to bring our projects to life. To meet the highest quality standards of goalkeepers, we only use high quality latex from Germany.

Varan6 goalkeeper gloves

Pro and Premier available now!

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The Varan6 Pro NC goalkeeper gloves have an outstanding price-performance ratio. They are the goalkeeper gloves mostly chosen by our professional goalkeepers. The Varan6 Premier goalkeeper gloves are your best friends during goalkeeper training. Many young talents have worked closely with us in developing this model.

In addition to the Varan6 Pro and Premier models, the Varan6 Hero goalkeeper gloves will soon arrive. A new model, the KEEPERsport Varan6 Premier NC with the extremely abrasion-resistant Resist palm foam designed for artificial turf and for the hall will soon be available too. #STAYTUNED

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Get into the spotlight wearing a matching outfit in black. Become a real Shadow Warrior and don't ever let the strikers near your territory.

More service & support for your gloves

Proper glove care
Don't toss your goalkeeper gloves carelessly into the washing machine after the game! The grip of new goalkeeper gloves is simply indescribable. A real dream for every goalkeeper! To ensure these grip properties last longer, we recommend thorough cleaning before the first use. Find out more here.

Which cut suits me best?

Let us explain the different cut variants with the help of the KEEPERsport Varan6

Do you know all the different goalkeeper glove styles? In addition to the classic cuts such as negative cut, regular cut and rolled finger cuts, there are also several variations of the increasingly popular hybrid cut. Lets look at these cuts with the help of the Varan6 gloves.

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Find a suitable glove model for you

It's hard to keep track of all the models in the goalkeeper glove world. There are countless model variations around the world. We have created an overview of all Varan6 goalkeeper glove models. You don't have to swipe right here.

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