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The second blackout model of the new series of Predator Pro NC gloves is now available from KEEPERsport. The change did not come falling from the sky, a transition from the elasitc double strap happened in two steps. In 2019, they introduced the removable, double strap before finally dropping it for going full strapless. After years of playing in the "elastic double strap league", the launch of the all-black Shadowbeast (Mutator Pack) in January 2020 introduced the Predator gloves to the strapless world.

Compared to the old model, the entry has been extended significantly to guarantee a perfect fit. Even the new Predator GL Pro NC models come without straps! The revised knitted material on the backhand adapts perfectly to any wrist. The best thing about these gloves? The gloves offer excellent stability when catching and fisting even without a strap.

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Skompletuj swój wygląd

Skompletuj swój wygląd

Technical detals

Find out more about the technical details of the Predator models? We do have an inside man for you: watch the video for the KEEPERcast episode with Michael Iann Mills, adidas' product manager:

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