Interview with a pro goalkeeper about goalie gloves

Let us help you find out everything you have always wanted to know about goalkeeper gloves. Samuel Sahin-Radlinger from the Austrian Bundesliga club SV Ried answered a few questions about his goalie gloves. Samuel Radlinger is one of over 100 goalkeepers worldwide who are members of our Circle of Pro. He is a vital part of improving our products through constant testing and feedback.

Watch the video below about the pro's in-depth answers.

Do you have any rituals concerning your gloves?

Samuel told us about his little ritual with new gloves. Before a game, his goalkeeper gloves are used at least twice in goalkeeper training. During these sessions, he warms up his gloves for the game. Another ritual of his is that his match gloves are demoted to training gloves if he fails to save a goal.

How do I care for my gloves?

If one is satisfied with their gloves, they should use proper care when handling the gloves. "After every training, I take my gloves to the shower and wash them carefully. If they are very, very dirty, I also use the Glove Cleaner. This is very important: I squeeze them out properly so that the water comes out, I hang them up and the next day I can put them on again." The KEEPERsport Glove-dry Buddy was designed for hanging the gloves.

Do you prefer goalkeeper gloves with or without a strap?

More and more brands offer strapless gloves. If you ask Samuel whether he prefers goalkeeper gloves with or without a strap, he does not hesitate in giving an answer: "With a strap, of course! Good wrist support is very important to me. Strapless gloves feel like gardening gloves to me. ;)"

What do you think of the design of the Varan7 goalkeeper gloves?

The pro keeper is enthusiastic about the design of the Varan7! The combination of black, white and yellow is a classic colour combination, always works. His glove of choice is theKEEPERsport Varan7 Champ NC Gamechanger

 There are other colour variations too for this model: 

There are many Varan7 models to choose from. Lots of cuts and price ranges make sure that everyone finds their model.
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Why do you play with KEEPERsport goalkeeper gloves?

In a nutshell: "It's a great combination! The incredible grip serves me well and the durability is also great which is very important to me too."

What differences are between training and match gloves?

Samuel uses a slightly cheaper model for training. These have less grip but that also has its advantages. You can improve your catching technique.
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His choice of gloves for match is the Varan7 Champ NC Gamechanger. Its maximum grip helps him in hard situations
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