Unique fit

The modern knitted body material makes the Varan7 Hero NC the lightest, most flexible and most comfortable glove. These goalkeeper gloves adapt individually to every hand structure and create an exceptional feel.

Tight ball control

The popular negative cut (NC) is still the first choice for most professional goalkeepers. The cut offers a particularly close contact to the ball and at the same time prevents the annoying slipping of the fingertips. This will give you a great feeling.

Best grip

The 4mm Super Glue professional adhesive foam in black guarantees the best grip in all weather conditions. The additional integrated grip elements on the palm offer the perfect balance between grip and durability. With the Varan7 Hero NC you will definitely become the hero of the field!

Maximum stability

More than thirty muscles are involved in the mobility and stability of your wrists. That's why we support you with the elastic strap that runs all the way around. It provides the necessary support for sharp shots and prevents unnecessary wrist injuries.


The Hero NC is the absolute premium model in the Varan7 series and makes the goalkeeper's heart beat faster. With the 4mm Superglue adhesive foam you bring the maximum grip on the court and you are the king in your box. The all-round neoprene strap gives you additional stability in the wrist and completes the unique wearing comfort.

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