Tight ball contact

Feel the ball like never before with the popular Negative Cut - it molds perfectly to your hand shape, offering an incredibly tight grip and an unparalleled catching sensation.

Durable and reliable

Rock-solid and durable, the 3mm Claw is the ultimate grip solution for all your goalkeeper training needs. Its abrasion-resistant surface ensures that it can take a beating and last through the toughest of drills.

Stable wrists

Keep your wrist steady and your game on point with the 3cm Elastic Entry System. The extra-wide neoprene strap provides the support you need to make those game-changing saves with ease.

Top fit

The Soft-Tech-Body Material of this goalkeeper glove makes it incredibly flexible and comfortable to wear. You'll feel like it's a second skin - not bulky or cumbersome.

The best gloves to start off with

The Varan7 Challenge NC Game of Power is the perfect beginner and training model for aspiring goalkeepers. With its rugged 3mm Claw and unbeatable price, even the pros trust the Challenge series to help them improve their catching technique.