Different materials on both sides

The front of the towel is made of absorbent cotton to dry hands or face. The back is like a microfiber cloth to be able to care for your goalkeeper gloves ideally and gently.

Integrated pocket

Provides storage space for important items (Aqua Glue, tape, keys, ...)

Fixing magnet

An extremely strong magnet was made so that your towel doesn't have to lie on the dirty floor for 90 minutes. This allows you to attach your towel to your own goal net or to any surface in the dressing room.

Perfect care

The microfibers on the back of the GK towel allow you to remove dirty residue perfectly and, above all, very gently from your adhesive foam. Make sure you only use this side of the towel for your goalkeeper gloves - other materials can roughen and damage your adhesive foam!

Perfect towel for goalkeepers

In addition to goalkeeper gloves and textiles, comprehensive goalkeeper-specific advice and support also includes, for example, the ideal towel for goalkeepers. With the additional features such as the microfiber cloth, the additional pocket or the extra-strong fixing magnet, the KEEPERsport GK Towel differs from an ordinary towel in a few points.