adidas Solar Energy - The All-New Goalkeeper Glove Pack to Kick Off the Year!

The latest models of the adidas Predator and Copa goalkeeper glove silos have hit the market! The Solar Energy Pack comes equipped with a plethora of cutting-edge features, designed to elevate your goalkeeping prowess to unprecedented heights.

Top-notch goalkeepers like Manuel Neuer, Emiliano Martinez, and Gianluigi Donnarumma have placed their trust in adidas goalkeeper gloves for years. Play with the same gear as these global superstars. Click through now to get all the details about adidas Solar Energy!

  • Technical Features overview

    The combination of Knitted Body material and a reinforced palm not only ensures a perfect fit but also provides maximum comfort and flexibility.

    Both fans of the URG 2.0 latex foam and the URG 1.0 latex foam are in for a treat. Both palm foams excel in outstanding grip under various weather conditions!

    The Thumbwrap (latex coating on the thumb) increases the latex foam contact with the ball, guaranteeing you even more grip.

    The dynamic texture on the backhand of the glove not only offers an appealing design but also enables outstanding precision in fist defenses. Cleverly placed silicone elements ensure that you always maintain control over the ball. The placement of the silicone elements has been completely redesigned and introduced to the public for the first time with the Predstrike special edition.

  • Top of the tier - the Predator Pro

    This year, once again, the adidas Predator stands as the most widely used goalkeeper glove worldwide, trusted by professionals such as Manuel Neuer, Marc Andre ter Stegen, and Kevin Trapp, as well as amateur and recreational goalkeepers.

    The adidas Predator comes in various models and cuts, including the negative cut and hybrid cut. The models vary in technical details and price. The promotional model of the adidas Predator stands out, especially for its highly esteemed professional latex foam, URG 1.0.

    Below, you'll find an overview of all available Predator models and their respective differences:

  • Perfect boots for your gloves

    Once you hold the predator goalkeeper gloves in your hands, the only thing missing is the perfect pair of football boots - and they're here!

    The adidas Predator, part of the brand-new Solar Energy Pack, not only provides visual highlights but, more importantly, delivers exceptional ball control and outstanding handling. The footballing prowess of goalkeepers becomes increasingly crucial each year, and as the primary playmaker of your team, you also need the ideal footwear!

  • Copa Pro

    The adidas Copa Pro combines a classic look with state-of-the-art standards, something you're best off experiencing for yourself.

    The URG 1.0 latex foam and the snug-fitting negative cut ensure an outstanding feel for the ball.

    The Latex Mesh backhand promises top-notch stability without any movement restrictions.

    The Elastic Strap guarantees optimal, personalized comfort with the highest possible stability in the wrist.

    With the Thumb Wrap technology on the thumb, you get an expanded catching surface. The Elastic Strap ensures a secure grip and support for your wrist.

  • The classic

    In addition to the groundbreaking Predator and X models, the Copa football boots are also highly popular among many goalkeepers and field players, including professionals like Unai Simon.

    The Copa models are particularly coveted by enthusiasts of classic football boots. Their traditional, wider cut and the use of different materials throughout the shoe distinguish them prominently from the Predator or X models. Nevertheless, they remain contemporary both in terms of style and functionality.


    Experience the speed of adidas X Solar Energy football boots!

    Football is getting faster, so unleash your maximum speed! This revolutionary shoes promise breathtaking speed on the field. Thanks to their lightweight construction, explosive acceleration and agile movement can be achieved. Whether you're a professional or a passionate amateur, the adidas X will captivate you with its outstanding performance. Be ready to effortlessly dominate the field and let yourself be carried away by the inspiring Solar Energy collection.