adidas Heatspawn - adidas brings fire into the game!

Whether it's fighting for a championship title or battling relegation, with the new adidas Heatspawn models, you're perfectly equipped for heated moments and intense situations. Follow in the footsteps of Aaron Ramsdale in the battle for the Premier League title and ignite the fire within you with the brand-new promo models. Transfer that energy to your team and enjoy your triumph!

We have exclusively listed all models of the Heatspawn collection for you individually and show you the technical features that the new adidas goalkeeper gloves bring with them. Get all the information about the new bestseller from the German market leader in the goalkeeper industry, only here.

  • New technical details

    High definition grip
    Integrated silicone elements on the backhand guarantee additional grip and protection, especially when punching the ball.

    Thumb wrap
    The latex wrap around the thumb further increases the adhesive foam contact with the ball and improves your grip.

    URG 1.0 or 2.0
    The URG 1.0 is the absolute Premium Match adhesive foam with extreme grip. But be careful: The adhesive foam is very sensitive and has a correspondingly high level of wear. Our tip: Only use the URG 1.0 on natural grass.

    Knitted backhand
    The upper hand in knitted material offers you a perfect fit and stability without restricting mobility in the glove.

    Abrasion zone
    The abrasion zone guarantees you additional grip and increased durability in sensitive areas

  • The center of attention!

    It's the most played goalkeeper glove in the world, both among professionals like German stars Manuel Neuer, Marc Andre ter Stegen, and Kevin Trapp, as well as among amateurs and hobby-keepers.

    As usual, the adidas Predator comes in a variety of styles on the market. With a negative cut or hybrid cut, with or without finger protection, and of course, price differences. Here, the promo model with the popular professional grip foam URG 1.0 is the top performer.

    We'll show you a comprehensive list of all Predator models and their differences:

  • Perfect boots for your predator gloves!

    With the right Predator in your hands, all that's missing is the matching counterpart on your feet.

    With the adidas Predator Accuracy from the brand-new Heatspawn Pack, you'll not only reach your visual peak, but also excel in ball control and handling. The big stars like Aaron Ramsdale, Kepa Arrizabalaga, and Kevin Trapp have been sporting the new flashy Predator combo since last weekend.

  • Faster and lighter!

    Although the adidas X is seldom seen on the professional field, it is a true secret weapon and highly popular among many goalkeepers worldwide.

    The adidas X from the Heatspawn Pack in vibrant orange, once again captivates with its minimalist design, resulting in extreme agility and lightness. If you're a fan of goalkeeper gloves that are exceptionally lightweight, with perfect grip but without any frills, then the X Pro is the model for you.

    Get your hands on the adidas X Pro Heatspawn here:

  • Godspeed!

    Numerous proficient goalkeepers swear by a dynamic duo - the Predator goalkeeper gloves and the trendy X collection football boots.

    The X series boots are renowned for their lightweight design, giving goalkeepers the agility needed to promptly thwart opposing shots. Today's goalkeeper must possess top-notch passing and building skills, as they play a vital role as the final defender and the first attacker. So, why not push your boundaries and elevate your game with the innovative new adidas boots?

    Check out the latest adidas football boots, including the much sought-after X collection, by clicking the link below!