adidas Advancement Pack - BRAND NEW

The adidas Advancement Pack is the perfect choice for goalkeepers and players looking to up their game. This pack delivers top-notch performance for both pros and ambitious athletes. At the European Championship in Germany, pros like Manuel Neuer, Marc Andre Ter Stegen, and Gianluigi Donnarumma will be rocking this fresh new colorway.

  • Predator - The Icon

    Globally, the adidas Predator Pro is the most-played goalkeeper glove – favored by pros like Manuel Neuer, Marc-André ter Stegen, and Gianluigi Donnarumma, as well as amateur and recreational keepers.

    The promo model of the adidas Predator stands out with its highly regarded professional URG 1.0 grip foam – the stickiest foam for maximum grip!

    Whether you're a pro or an amateur, the Predator line offers a variety of cuts and models to meet every need and budget.

  • Predator Boots - The Fan Favorite

    Modern goalkeepers are more than just shot-stoppers! They are playmakers, strategists, and the first line of attack for their teams. To handle these complex tasks, they need footwear that offers optimal ball control, excellent handling, and a confident presence on the pitch.

    The adidas Predator is the perfect boot for these demands. With high-quality materials and grippy Strikeskin rubber elements, you'll always stay in control on the field.

  • COPA - The Timeless Classic

    Looking for a goalkeeper glove that combines classic elegance with cutting-edge technology? Then the adidas COPA is the right choice for you!

    The latex backhand provides high stability without restricting your movement.

    The elastic strap guarantees optimal, personalized comfort with maximum wrist stability.

    With the adidas COPA on your hands, you're ready for any challenge. Experience the perfect blend of tradition, innovation, and comfort, and take your goalkeeping to the next level.


    The COPA models from adidas are football legends. For decades, they've captivated goalkeepers and field players alike with their unmistakable style and unmatched performance.

    Unlike the innovative Predator and F50 models, the Copa focuses on timeless values and proven functionality. It’s the perfect boot for players who value tradition, comfort, and pure joy of the game.

    Discover the COPA football boot and experience the perfect blend of tradition and innovation!

  • F50 Boots - FINALLY BACK

    The adidas F50 football boots are back! After a long break, this legendary line returns with a brand new design and innovative technologies. The F50 line replaces the previous X line, offering players of all levels the perfect mix of speed, agility, and control. Exciting new features like the Sprintframe 360 outsole will make you even faster!

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