What kind of goalkeeper are you? Modern? Young? Insane? Provocative? Cool? Addicted to goalkeeping? Or a little bit of everything? If yes, then you've come to the right place! Professional stuff without "frills" & unnecessary features and overpriced accessories. Get pure performance!

Rehab Extreme CG3 Graphic Red & Blue

Exceptional design meets unbeatable price!

Have you seen the latest top goalkeeper gloves from rehab goalkeeping? The Extreme CG3 Graphic Blue and Extreme CG3 Graphic Red, brings goalkeeper gloves with an extraordinary design with the best bang for the buck. Starting at €49.99, the new Graphic Red & Graphic Blue goalkeeper have a unique grip and a perfect fit. Get the new top sellers !

Train like a Beast - with Style

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rehab Paintattack 2020

rehab Paintattack 2020


Goalkeeper gloves that match the goalkeeper jerseys from Manuel Neuer and Co. perfectly. The perfect combination of gloves and jerseys for all goalkeepers. Play with style.

Negative cut. Premium grip. Silicone backhand

These are the three quality certificates of our premium model "Extreme CG3". Nor unnecessary features or any frills. Let's focus on what's important: optimal fit, great grip and a modern design.

rehab Fighter CG4 NC

rehab Fighter CG4 NC

Available for the first time!

The Fighter CG4 NC goalkeeper gloves with the best grip and newest technical innovations!

Professional adhesive foam (Clutch Grip 4), integrated damping layer and extended palm make this goalkeeper glove a MUST HAVE. Dry or wet? No matter. Optimal grip is assured in every situation or weather condition. Ready for the revolution? Get the Fighter CG4 NC now:

Clean & Go

The rehab glove cleaner is your ideal goalkeeper glove cleaner. The adhesive foam needs special care to maintain the optimal grip properties as long as possible.

1. Wet gloves with lukewarm water.
2. Spray the cleaner well and spread it well.
3. Rinse thoroughly with water.
4. Air dry

Find out more about glove care here.

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