KEEPERdummy 2019

Train. Confuse. Challenge your KEEPERS. 
Our KEEPERdummy gets a new outfit. The Dummies are available in three different colours (red, blue and black) and with a new design for the first time. Choose your favorite colour or match it with the colours of your club. 

KEEPERdummy has been further improved and is now lightweight, flexible and more resistant. It simulates a teammate or oponent player and thus leads to very interesting and numerous excersises. The product is inflatable and made ​​of a very robust special material and is extremely durable. Two side-mounted carrying handles ensure easy handling and carrying on the pitch.

It can be used whether in the goalkeeper training, for attack variants and penalty area situations, free kick situations, coordination or even tactic exercises. It is inflatable and therefore very easy to transport, for example into the training camp.

The water tank at the bottom of the dummy has to be filled with water and the upper part with air, and the product is ready for use. The dummy can also be used on artificial grass and indoor.

Improvements and benefits:

  • Lightweight, flexible and more resistant material
  • New, slimmer shape design in blue
  • Strategically appropriate placement of water tank
  • This now requires less liquid
  • Height: 205 cm

Choose your Colour:

Instruction of use

  •    Fill up the tank with approximately 8 litres of water
  •    Inflate the KEEPERdummy with an air compressor
  •    Tip the KEEPERdummy over to the ground
  •    If it doesn‘t return to an upright position, fill up air again
  •    Carry the Dummy with the handles on each side


  • Don‘t pump too much air in it (max. high: 2.10 metres)
  • Avoid hard or spiky objects. Do not drag the KEEPERdummy over any hard surface (asphalt, gravel)
  • Store the KEEPERdummy dry and without water in it (not below +10°C). Use anti-freeze in winter. Avoid strong and direct sunlight or fluctuating temperatures
  • Adjust the KEEPERdummy to the outside temperatures for about 15 minutes before using

Technical Details:

  • Height: 205cm
  • Weight: 3,6 kg
  • Loaded weight: 25 kg
  • Bottom diameter: 56 cm